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At Home Services for Holocaust Survivors

Jewish Family Service of Central New Jersey

Bringing the programs and services to Survivors into their homes, where they can remain safe.

About the Program

During the Coronavirus crisis, The Holocaust Team at JFSCNJ developed new ways to bring the programs and services to Survivors into their homes, where they can remain safe. Our Home Health Care workers, and family members, have helped bring Café Europa and other programs to the survivors sing Zoom technology. Many Survivors can also participate via audio and receive their lunch delivered so they can still feel connected to their Café Europa program and socialize with friends.
Survivors enjoy their virtual time together, still share in the musical entertainment of a regular Café Europa Program, but are certainly looking forward to being able to attend all events in person again. The Team also stay connected with the Survivors through hundreds of phone conversations. Our sincere thanks to the Wilf Family Foundation for funding catered meals for the Café Europa Programs.
We recently received a grant from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany and the Grotta Fund For Senior Care, to launch the Uniper program which is currently being used for 18 Survivors.
Uniper is a program developed in Israel that will bring classes, a video library, our own programming, and the ability to call family members, directly into the Survivor’s home. An easy to use remote will be installed on the HMD1 box/television in each home. Internet, or a hot spot, will be installed for those survivors who currently do not have internet service.
Regular services such as Kosher Meals on Wheels, Food Pantry deliveries, Home Health Aide, Nursing and Counseling Services are continuing, without interruption of service.
Thanks to a grant from KAVOD SHEF, we will now be offering Survivors a designated weekly time slot where JFSCNJ staff will perform errands, such as post office, grocery, bank and pharmacy errands. This new program will help reduce anxiety among our Survivors, while the quarantine continues.


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