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Past JFS Gala Dinners

Jewish Family Service of Central New Jersey


Wednesday Evening, December 7


  • Ronnie, Alex and Dylan Oanono, Blue Indistries (Lilly K. Gottlieb Award)
  • Holly and Jonathan Strelzik (Miriam S. Karch Award)
  • Craig Eckenthal (Ruth Bilenker Award for Outstanding Service)
  • Christopher Hudak, Vice Chair, Union County Board of County Commissioners (Community Service Award)
  • Phyllis Bernstein-Kuchner (Memorial Recognition)
  • Bernice Fleischmann (Memorial Recognition)
  • Joseph M. Fox (Memorial Recognition)
  • Myra and Lawrence Hoffman (Memorial Recognition)


Tuesday Evening, December 14


  • Harrison Till (Lilly K. Gottlieb Award)
  • Phyllis A. Reich (Miriam S. Karch Award)
  • Elyse & David Deutsch (Ruth Bilenker Awardees for Outstanding Service)
  • Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (Community Service Award)
  • New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund (Marian Z. Stern Community Partner Award)
  • Ed Palmieri, Jr. (Business Leadership Award)


Tuesday Evening, December 29


  • Murray Brenman (Lilly K. Gottlieb Award)
  • Nancy Lubarsky and Donald Shapiro (Miriam S. Karch Award)
  • Mark Hauptman (Ruth Bilenker Award for Outstanding Service)